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Exploring your impact

In any enterprise - be it community food or other - being able to identify and measure the impact your work has can be beneficial. By their very nature, many community and social enterprises exist not for financial profit but for the difference they can make to their beneficiaries and society as a whole. But this can mean that measuring the exact impact the enterprise has can be difficult. In order to combat this, Making Local Food Work commissioned a piece of research undertaken by The Guild and Middlesex University, and from this a series of practical tools has been developed in order to help enterprises identify and measure the impact they have.

Who is this for? 

This online guide is appropriate for those who:
  • are involved in a project or activity that grows, processes or sells food;
  • run a community food shop, local food business or food-related social enterprise;
  • run a project or organisation that uses food as a means to helping people overcome other issues;
  • aim to have an impact on people, the environment or the local economy.

The resources in this section of the website are about exploring impact so you can tell the story of your enterprise. They do not assume that all community food initiatives will want to or need to explore their own impact, but they can help all initiatives make an informed decision about how much of it to do.


What next?

On the left hand side menu there are seperate headings that will guide you through the tools.

  • Start by looking at The Basics – a very simple introduction to the active process of exploring impact.
  • Once you’ve read that, find out more about The Steps involved and what they could do for you.
  • Some people will want to find light-touch ways to measure their impact. How to collect data gives clear pros and cons of using different methods – including light-touch, active approaches.
  • Check the Frequently Asked Questions if there’s something you need to know about the approach or about impact.
  • Use the Glossary if you see any words you don’t know or want to check how we are using them.
  • To take away the resources and use them offline – Download the whole pack either in bits or as one document.


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