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How to collect data

  • Ever wondered whether it would be better to do a questionnaire or interview people?
  • Want to find simple, active ways to ask people about what happens for them?
  • Want to find out about ‘distance-travelled’?

This ‘very quick overview’ is a resource for Step 5 of the ‘Exploring your impact’ process outlined in the document ‘The Basics’. Although it can be read separately, there may be some elements that seem out of context or are not relevant if you have not followed the other steps.

If you haven’t already done so, download The Basics – it shows you what to think about before moving on to planning data collection.

It's not all about questionnaires. There are many different and fun ways to collect data from people. Some examples are:

  •    - Plant pots and big seeds
  •    - Buckets and pine cones
  •    - A white board with boxes on it
  •    - A big bit of paper and some stickers
  •    - People standing moving to different corners of a plot
  •    - A paper slip in a veg box each week

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