The basics exploring your impact

The Basics

What is impact?

Understanding impact is about understanding change. Quite simply, if you have an impact on something you make it change in some way. 

Why explore it?

At some time or another we all need to tell the story of what our organisations do – whether to our volunteers, our funders, our customers or the local community. While explaining your own actions is important, exploring impact helps you to describe the next step along. It’s about finding out and telling the story of what happened as a result.

What’s the benefit?

Looking at results, not just activities, can help you to:

  • Learn and develop as an existing organisation or
  • Plan and estimate the impact of a future initiative or organisation;
  • Prove your impact in funding, investment or planning bids where anecdotal evidence is not enough to secure agreement;
  • Show the community the value of their custom or volunteer time.

To find out more download The Basics – a short overview of this process that will help you decide whether to do any and or all of the steps we outline. 


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