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Farmers' Markets

Farmers' Markets - Time for Change 

         -for producers, consumers and for the future...

Farmers’ markets have been running in England for more than a decade. They are a fantastic way for producers to sell directly to the public, but it's not always easy for a group of individual producers to get together and make the most of the great opportunities farmers' markets provide.

There are many challenges faced by producers and markets alike. For many producers, the shift to becoming a retailer is a new experience, and attending a farmers' market may be the first time they have had direct contact with their consumers. Markets themselves often have their own issues to resolve: from finding the right location and stocking the right produce to meet consumer demands to covering the relevant legal requirements - overcoming these issues can seem daunting. The Plunkett Foundation is working closely with the National Farmers' Retail & Markets Association (FARMA) to provide practical support through Making Local Food Work to help markets and producers work through these issues, bringing consumers and producers together and increasing sales of local food.

The farmers’ market project offers a chance for groups of farmers’ markets to learn from best practice in this area through the experience and expertise of key national players.

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