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Soil Association and CSA

The Soil Association is the UK's leading environmental charity promoting sustainable, organic farming and championing human health.



‘If fresh food is necessary to health in man and beast, then that food must be provided not only from our own soil but as near as possible to the sources of consumption. If this involves fewer imports and consequent repercussions on exports then it is industry that must be readjusted to the needs of food. If such readjustment involves the decentralisation of industry and the re-opening of local mills and slaughterhouses, then the health of the nation is more important than any large combine.’

Lady Eve Balfour, Founder Soil Association 1943




Our core belief is the importance of the connection between soil, food, the health of people and the health of the planet.

It is a philosophy based on:

  • reverence for and learning from nature and living within ecological limits; and
  • the concept of positive health or vitality, not just the absence of disease.

We want to build a mass movement, inspired by the health and environmental challenges facing us, to create thriving, low-carbon food and farming communities informed by organic principles.

Why CSA?

In the light of renewed concerns about increasing oil prices, over-reliance on fossil fuels, the negative impact of climate change on food production, and food security, there is a huge need to find self-sustaining local food models that are viable and offer the most benefits.

The Community Supported Agriculture approach is possibly the ultimate in achieving a low-carbon, self-sustaining localised food and farming system.

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