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First steps towards CSA

Whether you are a farmer, grower or consumer, finding out more about getting involved with CSA is easy. Below is a range of information sources to help you, or you can get in touch with the Soil Association by calling 0117 914 2424 or by emailing adaniel@soilassociation.org.


The following publications provide a range of case studies and 'how to' help and can be found at http://www.soilassociation.org/csa.aspx:

  • Cultivating Communities
    This booklet gives a brief overview of CSA with 11 case studies
  • A Share in the Harvest - an action manual for community supported agriculture
    This provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of setting up a CSA project
  • Stroud Community Agriculture case study 

Once you have a better understanding of CSA, start talking to friends, family, neighbours and colleagues about what kind of CSA they would be interested in getting involved in. Think of ways that you can put this into action and start exploring the availablity of land in your area.

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