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Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually-beneficial partnership between a community and farmer. It is becoming an increasingly popular way for communities to gain access to local, seasonal produce directly from the farmer. Typically, the community will purchase "shares" from their local farmer; these shares will be in the form of a weekly box of vegetables, fruit and other produce. Often, the shares can be purchased with time, so individuals will work alongside the farmer harvesting food.

Community Supported Agriculture

There is no fixed way of organising CSA - it's a framework to inspire communities to work together with their local farmer. CSA projects range from allotments on farms and sponsoring apple trees; a community agreement in advance to purchase a particular crop from a producer; community members making regular input of labour; the purchase of land or related holdings or renting land and employing the producer. These enterprises engage and empower community members in the supply and/or production of their own food, resulting in a close relationship with a primary producer.

Who can get involved in CSA?


  • If you are a consumer, you can join an existing CSA or one that is currently forming;
  • If there isn't one in your area, you could look into the possibility of setting one up;
  • If you are a farmer or grower with land and interested in establishing a stable customer base and stronger links with your community;
  • If you are a farmer or grower with no land and looking for an interesting opportunity of working with a community and producing their food.

This section contains further information about CSAs and Organic Buying Groups, the work that The Soil Association is doing in this area and how you can get involved.


Find out more about CSA in action with the below video of Camel CSA in Cornwall.

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