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Moss Brook Growers




Moss Brook Growers lease a 21-acre site that has been purchased by Unicorn Grocery, using money raised from supporters and customers.

The impetus for the project was Unicorn's desire to increase long-term security of supply and on-call availability of local produce to meet demand.


Whilst Moss Brook Growers is a separate legal entity from Unicorn the growers either are or have been part of the Unicorn workers' co-op. So there is a very direct connection between the two organisations both in terms of land and people.


Produce from the site is primarily sold through Unicorn. Other outlets include Manchester Veg People and the co-operative organic wholesaler, Organic North.


This project provides the opportunity to explore how a retail outlet can drive the creation of a new sort of relationship between growing, wholesale and retail. It is this aspect of the project which made it of particular interest to the Making Local Food Work programme through which it is receiving funding until September 2011.



Moss Brook Growers' first leek harvest


Over the course of the funding over 16,000 people ate produce grown on the site. In addition 75 volunteers worked on the site.


Moss Brook Growers manual

This manual gives a step by step guide to how Moss Brook Growers set up a mixed horticultural social enterprise from scratch. It will be invaluable reading to any group of individual looking to grow and sell vegetables.


Moss Brook Growers film

We have released a short film which looks at the work of Moss Brook Growers and other groups in Manchester working to take control of their food. We hope the film will inspire others to get involved and do the same.



For more information please contact Clare Horrell at clare@sustainweb.org


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