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Food Chain North East

Loading up the Food Chain North East van

Loading up the Food Chain North East van

Food Chain North East CIC (Community Interest Company) work to increase access for disadvantaged communities to affordable fresh produce. They distribute to community food groups, schools and work places, primarily in areas where it is difficult to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

Making Local Food Work funding enabled them to develop a wider base of outlets both in terms of geography and customer type and to buy more produce direct from local producers.

During the programme they supplied local food to 42 new food co-ops and 25 new schools reaching over 500 new customers and engaging over 75 volunteers.

They also bought produce direct from nine growers. Some of these suppliers were community gardening projects. A report into the development of this work explores the potential for a symbiotic relationship between food access projects and community gardening.

During 2011 Making Local Food Work supported Food Chain North East develop an ambitious plan for a new site. Food Chain moved to the new site in a former school in Chevyside in August 2011. Their new site will increase the scope of their work and create an education, training and growing space serving the whole North East region.

Food Chain North East film

We have released a short film which looks at the work of Food Chain North East. We hope the film will act as an inspiration for others to get involved and do the same.

For more information please contact Clare Horrell at clare@sustainweb.org

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