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Useful links to other resources

New Covent Garden Business Link is the national free business advice and support service, providing a wide range of information on how to set up and grow your business including help for social enterprise.

It's very useful for information or signposting to sources regarding:

  • Finance and grants
  • Business planning
  • Employing people                      
  • Legislation and compliance
  • Starting up

Co-operatives UK is the national umbrella body for co-operative development, with information on co-operative support and local co-operatives near you.

Co-operative Development Bodies (CDBs) across England provide specialist and experienced support in co-operative and social enterprise development.

Social Enterprise Coalition is the national voice for social enterprise. A member led organisation, SEC provides information on national policy and best practice, conducts research into new areas of social enterprise and is active with media publicity and campaigning.

The Institute of Grocery Distribution provides a wide range of information to the food and grocery sector. It offers a series of local sourcing guides, research into local and regional foods, and retail and foodservice opportunities.

EFFP (English Food and Farming Partnership) is a specialist agri-food business consultancy. It has developed a strong lead in promoting collaborative working and governance models for farmer controlled businesses. 

The Regional Food Group Alliance is a new organisation formed by the eight English regional food groups which aims to co-ordinate regional and local food activities. Through their website, they offer directories of regional producers, and provide help and support to producers and retail/foodservice sector businesses.

Food Standards Agency for the 'Safer food, better business' guide, the FSA also lists the requirements of food hygiene regulations and gives advice to retail businesses on how to comply with them, as well as good practice. The website also has many other food standards publications. For more information, contact your local environmental health service.

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