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Organic buying groups

Organic buying groups are people who regularly get together to buy organic food. Groups can be made up of a handful of people, or a much larger number. They can buy fresh produce such as meat or vegetables from a farmer, or dry and canned goods from a wholesaler. Group members usually live near each other and share a delivery between them. They have at least an informal agreement between them about how things are organised, and sometimes have a formal legal structure such as a co-operative.

If you are interested in setting up a buying group you can contact Sustain or the Soil Association to find about how go about it and find out more about other people's practical experience of how their buying groups operate. If you are an established buying group currently purchasing dried goods from a wholesaler and want to begin sourcing fresh produce including meat, fruit and vegetables, eggs and dairy, please contact us and we can help you to establish links with local farmers.

Setting up a organic buying group [PDF, 205 KB]

Get in touch with the Soil Association for more details on sourcing fresh local organic food 

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