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Food Webs and Mapping

What is the aim of mapping local food webs?

CPRE has campaigned on local food since the late 1990s, examining how strong local food networks benefit people, places and the countryside

This project aims to give people the materials and support they need to ‘map’ – research and record - their local food networks or webs across England.  The findings should increase understanding of the links between producers and consumers, and the benefits those links bring to people in urban and rural areas.

By raising awareness of the importance of these webs, the project should strengthen support for local food production and for better availability.

Who will we be working with?

CPRE, together with Sustain - the alliance for better food and farming, will support local volunteers to research existing local food networks across England.

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What is a local food web?
A food web consists of the links between farmers and growers, processors, suppliers, local food shops, as well as other local food providers such as farmers markets, box schemes, community supported agriculture and food cooperatives, through to consumers.

How will the project help people?
• By developing understanding of where and how food is produced and sold
• By bringing people together to explore problems related to the availability of local food


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