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How we can help

Community food enterprises are businesses run by communities for their benefit, which are involved in at least one part of growing, harvesting, processing, distributing, selling or serving local food. Examples include farmers’ markets, community-owned shops, community supported agriculture (CSA) projects, country markets, food co-operatives and many others.Click here to find out more about the ways in which communities are taking control of their food and where it comes from. 

Canalside CSA


If you’re involved in a community food enterprise we can help you by offering:


  • Help establishing a local food system; bringing together groups of enterprises in your area to collaborative and further the reach of local food;
  • A platform from which to share best practice, learn from each other and play a meaningful role as part of a wider movement;

Use the menu on the left hand side to find out how we can help you.  If you would like more information, send us an email to or call us on 01993 810730.


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