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Are you a producer looking to sell your food locally?

England has a long and proud history of producing incredibly diverse and delicious local food. In many ways, this food tells the story of its surroundings and it’s very much part of our cultural heritage. Local food production is often the culmination of years of knowledge and expertise that’s passed down through generations, and as such, it’s something that should be appreciated and protected.

Unfortunately, however, as independent retail outlets disappear, small producers are losing valuable marketing opportunities and have become increasingly isolated from consumers. Most are simply too small to distribute and market their produce effectively and have frustratingly few affordable ways of connecting with consumers.

If you're a food producer, we don't need to tell you of the financial advantages of selling directly to local consumers, but there are also many other benefits for the community, local economy, environment and the consumers themselves.

Making Local Food Work is helping to develop and to champion six community enterprise models for getting more local food onto more people's plates, and there are hundreds of these enterprises, up and down the country, who are always in need of more local suppliers.

The following survey is designed to help us find the right outlet for you.

You can also email us to declare your intention of supplying Community Food Enterprises in your area, and we will endeavour to put you in touch. 


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