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Part of the aim of Making Local Food Work is furthering our understanding of the community food sector as it is currently and exploring ways it can be supported to develop. To further this aim a number of research reports have been produced which are available for download below.

Collaboration between community food enterprises and the private sector: exploring the potential. A report written by Simon Michaels of f3 commissioned by Making Local Food Work.  

Food from the Urban Fringe: Issues and Opportunities - exploring the potential of urban fringe land for food production.

Local Food and Climate Change - the role of community food enterprises.

Influencing consumer buying behaviour - a guide for community food enterprises.

Supply chain development - a new local and organic food depot for London?

Supply chain brokerage - more local food for University of Cambridge.

Eat Somerset - distribution mapping project.

Supplying food access projects - community food hubs.

Joining the dots - collaborative food buying and sustainable distribution for London restaurants.

Local Food Links - the first ten years of learning about adding value through catering.

Small scale food hubs - an investigation.

Student attitudes to food - key findings of an online survey of students' attitudes to food.

Evaluating CSA - The impact of community supported agriculture projects.

A Growing Trade - Sustain's most recent report on community food growing.

From Field to Fork reports

The following reports have been produced by CPRE as part of the Mapping strand of Making Local Food Work.








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