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Our Work With Policy


The Making Local Food Work programme is working to influence policy to create a more favourable environment for community food enterprises. Below are details of some of our work.

Local Policies on Food 

Local authorities can shape the food system in their area in many ways including:

  • grants and support for food businesses
  • supporting community food initiatives
  • planning policy
  • providing training courses on food preparation/growing and hygiene
  • organising food waste collection

As part of its work under the Making Local Food Work programme, Sustain is engaging with local authorities through its national Local Action on Food Network.

The aim of the network is to bring together the different organisations and individuals interested in encouraging and promoting the security and sustainability of our food. You can join the network here

We are sharing examples of best practice with local authorities and encouraging them to take action in the following areas:


Food 2030

On January 5th 2010, the Government launched their new food strategy Food 2030.  The new strategy, the first in over 50 years, sets out their vision for how the food system in the UK should look like in 2030 and what steps are required to get there.

Food 2030 Report - http://www.defra.gov.uk/foodfarm/food/strategy/

Making Local Food Work provided a statement in response to the report.  Read our response here http://www.makinglocalfoodwork.co.uk/news/news.cfm/newsid/129


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