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Why Local Food?

England has a wonderfully rich and varied food heritage. From meat and fish, to cheese, preserves, fruit and vegetables there’s an incredibly diverse range of fresh, local produce available from season to season throughout the country.

However, it’s become all too easy in recent years to jump into the car, head off to the supermarket and to fill up a trolley with pre-packaged food that’s been flown in from across the globe. As a result, consumers and producers have become increasingly disconnected from each other, and people have lost their connection with the land and the very essence of where their food comes from.

Making Local Food Work is rooted in the belief that the needs of consumers, producers and the land are interdependent and that community enterprise can strengthen and reconnect these links to the lasting benefit of all.

People buy local food many reasons: local food is fresher than shipped-in food and so it tastes better and is more nutritious; local food has fewer food miles and is better for the environment; local food helps support the local economy; local food is more easily traced back to its origins.

In these pages you can find our own articles and research on local food, as well as links to other, external reports and information about the issues and barriers to local food that this programme seeks to overcome.

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